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Hydro-Sublimation is Ideal for 3D imensional and welded metal parts

Hydro-sublimation technology

Hydro-sublimation technology combines the advantages of hydro-graphic or immersion process, an already well-known powder coating process, with the durability and cost advantage of sublimation process.


The biggest advantage of hydro-sublimation on metal is that there is NO CLEAR COAT REQUIRED. The powder coating for sublimation has opened doors to enable customers to produce unique decorative finished products like never before.


Dye sublimation on metal, the transfer of printed images to a synthetic substrate by the application of heat, has traditionally only been available for products such as t-shirts, drinking mugs, mouse pads, etc. Recent advancements in powder coating for sublimation have brought new and exciting possibilities for anyone that wants to utilize the process of decorative coating.


For builders, architects and manufacturers, this sublimation coating powder is a tremendous value-added service, allowing to practically change the design of any product and increase an endless variety of products at a very reasonable cost.


Sublimation coating powder has created new opportunities that allow you to transform your products using high-resolution photographic images or designs. Our sublimation technologies can be applied on various materials that can range from steel to aluminum, or even glass or MDF.

Examples of products using Hydro-Sublimation
• Aluminum Wood Grain
• Wood Grain On Metal
• Custom wood grain
• Powder coating for sublimation
• Wood grain ceilings
• Wood Grain Patio Furniture
• Decking Wood Grain
• Wood Grain Railing
• Store Fixture Wood Grain

Hydro Sublimation Technology

Decoral Hydro sublimation printing on powder coating that uses floating water-based films in combination with direct-sublimation technology. If you want to create high-quality, durable prints on extremely complex shapes and different materials, Decoral’s Hydro-Sublimation systems are a great option. It's also a great option if you want to create low-volume customized products for your customers.

What is Hydro Sublimation Technology Best For?

Whether you're a builder, architect, manufacturer, interior designer, or just a home improvement enthusiast, here are some products that you can create using hydro sublimation technology:

  • Home décor: You can use hydro sublimation technology to create home and commercial decorations on 3-dimensional objects to elevate your space. Hydro Sublimation  is a great way to spruce up your home or office and showcase your personality.
  • Custom merch: You can use hydro sublimation technology to decorate custom merch like plates, mugs, and water bottles to put your brand in front of potential customers who haven't heard about your business.
  • Industrial applications: Hydro sublimation technology is a versatile technology that you can use on various materials. From metal and glass to MDF and high-temp plastic, it's an incredibly flexible technology.

How Does Hydro Sublimation Technology Work?

Hydro sublimation technology uses water-based inks to transfer images onto a water-soluble transfer paper. The water-soluble transfer film is placed face down on the substrate (metal, glass, plastic, or another material) while floating on a bed of water. After the transfer film is deposited on the part, the substrate is heated, while the ink turns from a solid to a gas and sublimates into the part. Finally, the part cools, and the image remains embedded seamlessly onto the substrate.

Benefits of Hydro Sublimation Technology

Here's why you should use hydro sublimation technology for your printing needs:

Unlimited Possibilities

If you can imagine it, you can probably create it. Hydro sublimation technology opens a world of possibilities for various creative spaces. The technology can be infused into various materials with unparalleled precision and brilliance. From ceramics to metals and plastics, the possibilities are almost endless.

Unmatched Vividness

Hydro sublimation technology is renowned for its ability to reproduce intricate gradients and hues in great detail. From dull to glam, it can bring your space to life with unparalleled clarity. Whether you are creating custom merchandise, personalized home decor, or promotional items, hydro sublimation ensures your designs remain as vivid as your imagination.


Prints can become dull after a while. Want your prints to retain their stellar appearance? With hydro sublimation technology, you won't have to worry about your prints fading or cracking over time. This is because hydro sublimation prints are more durable than traditional sublimation prints because of the Sublimation Coating Powder.

Weather Resistance

Worried about your prints fading, peeling, or scratching? With hydro sublimation technology, you won't have to worry about any of these things. Hydro sublimation technology creates a permanent bond between the ink and the material, ensuring that your prints are not only brilliant but also durable. Whether your prints are displayed indoors or outdoors, Hydro sublimation, withstand the elements and maintain their appearance over time.


Want flexibility? Then, hydro sublimation technology is perfect for your printing needs. From steel and aluminum to glass and Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF), you can use hydro sublimation technology on a wider range of materials than conventional sublimation printing.

Limitless Applications

With hydro sublimation technology, your design options are limitless. Whether you want to offer custom merchandise to create awareness about your business or elevate your home with decor that reflects your unique style, it has no bounds. From corporate gifts to personal mementos, hydro sublimation technology allows you to craft memorable experiences.

Start Creating Stunning 3-D Prints Today

Looking for a high-quality, sublimation printing on powder coating? Then, hydro sublimation technology is perfect for you. Contact us today to explore the limitless possibilities of Decoral hydro sublimation technologies.


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