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Non-skid powder coating

Rough effect for a safer flooring

Durable outdoor

We offer class 2 and class 2.5 antiskid powder coatings for high resistance outdoor.

Low flame spread

Aluminum floorings coated with our non-slip powder have low flame spread characteristics.


Non-slip properties have been tested and certified by an external lab.

What is it?

Decoral® System anti-skid powders are the ideal solution for surfaces where slips pose a threat. This series has been specifically formulated to get a very rough effect that makes floorings and decking slip-resistant.


Non-skid tested

Decoral® System non-slip powders have been tested according to the German standard DIN 51130, also known as the “ramp test method”. It sets five resistance classes, categorized as "R" values, ranging from R 9 (lowest slip resistance) to R 13 (highest slip resistance). R 10 indicates a normal slip  resistance level.

Wide range of finishes

This special composition is available in all RAL colours and can be combined with our heat-transfer films to get countless decorative patterns like wood grain, corten, concrete effects.


Nonslip coating

Some of the floors and stairs inside and outside our homes and businesses are not specifically designed with the necessary traction. That's why we invest in special anti-slip coatings to avoid unnecessary accidents on our property.

Anti-slip coating solutions for residential and commercial floors

Residential and commercial properties are not always built to the highest security standards. Floors in particular can pose a safety hazard if left untreated. No matter what floor you install in your home or business, a slip or fall accident can happen at any time without the traction you need. Floors that require a non-slip coating to increase traction include concrete, tile, etc., brick, metal, and wood.

All surfaces in and around the premises should be coated, but bathrooms should be high on the list. Bathroom surfaces such as enamel, acrylic, and fiberglass are particularly slippery, especially since they often contain soap and water.

Slip Doctors are specialists in slippery floor coatings and offer a range of superior quality anti-slip coatings developed for this purpose. Our non-slip coating products include floor grips, deck grips, dura grips, tough grips and polished grips. Each anti-skid coating solution is developed with a specific customer requirement and floor covering in mind. Anti-slip spray can be used on bathroom surfaces to improve traction.

Benefits of Slip Doctors non-slip floor coating products.

  • Top Quality

  • Easy to Apply

  • Durable and Abrasion Resistant

  • Beautiful Surface

  • Affordable

Slips and falls can happen at any time. Instead of waiting for someone to get hurt, treat slippery floors like wood, tile, concrete and metal with non-slip coatings and paint that will last for years.

When looking for a non-slip floor coating, there are a few things to consider. Choosing the right product can be difficult. If you need help finding the right product or have any questions, contact Slip Doctors flooring experts.

Anti-Slip powder (Additives)

A non-slip powder made from dried silica sand that gives the paint a non-slip effect. It is available in different grades to provide different levels of slip resistance depending on user requirements for epoxy, acrylic and urethane floor types.

Advantages of anti-slip powder

Benefits of Anti-Slip Powder Prevent accidents at work and at home with

Anti-Slip Paint. Prevent accidents at work and at home with

Anti-Slip Paint.

Buy anti-skid paint and create a safe surface

Anti-skid coating products

Falling is his third leading cause of accidental death in the country and leading cause of hospital visits . In 2014, more than 30 people died from falls in their homes and communities, and nearly 50,000 were injured from falls at work. Luckily there is an easy solution. Anti-skid paints or coatings can be easily applied and are effective in preventing slipping injuries. While many businesses use non-slip paint to prevent accidents and high liability, non-slip floor coating systems can also be used at home.

Stairs are a major source of slips, but wet or dirty floors increase the risk. Surfaces such as railings, door handles, and tool handles can also benefit from non-slip coatings such as non-slip powder coatings.

Anti-Slip Powder Coatings

TIGER Drylac Anti-Slip Coatings are formulated to have a very rough surface that provides an anti-slip coating that increases the coefficient of friction (COF). COF is a term used to describe the ratio of the frictional force between two bodies and the force pushing them together. A rougher surface such as B. Non-slip will give him a higher COF than a smooth and slippery surface.

Lack of traction or reduced COF on metal surfaces is a common problem that can cause accidents in many industries, including medical and industrial. The non-slip coating provides high traction, prevents slips and falls, and creates a safer environment. Another property of highly textured coatings is their ability to hide substrate imperfections and provide the same high quality anti-skid properties for improved grip.

TIGER Drylac Anti-Skid Black (49/80521) is a highly textured coating that is safe in wet and dry conditions.

Floor tiles



Ladder rungs and covers

Stair treads and covers

See the applications

Decorate with our technology aluminum floorings, decking, handrails, ramps, staircases and whatever surface that needs a high level of grip.


See the applications

Decorate with our technology aluminum floorings, decking, handrails, ramps, staircases and whatever surface that needs a high level of grip.

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