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Powder coating + wood grain effect

Highly Durable

Adds years to your property

Go Green

Good for the environment

Easy Use

Suitable for everything from doors to windows to shelves and tiles

What is wood grain finishes

Wooden finish powder coating is a new and appealing way of adding decorative patterns to a product. The process involves using heat and pressure simultaneously on a metal substrate that’s covered with a coat of powder. The process is easy and allows the reproduction of neat and creative wood designs by powder on powder wood effect.


Why Choose It

Wood effect powder coating is eco-friendly and helps save water. Plus wood finish powder coating is highly durable and can protect items from UV rays and humidity. Wood grain powder coating patterns can add life to homes and offices while also enhancing the look. They offer a good return on investment and are among the most affordable options.

Suitable for Everyone

This 3d sublimation coating technique is suitable for both residential and commercial clients and is used on a variety of items such as decorative decks, railings, doors, shelves, kitchen cabinets, benches, tables, and windows. With this technique, you can even get timber look powder coated aluminum.


Wood Finish Powder Coating

Custom finish grain coating is a specialty of Decoral Systems. How it works: The powder coating wood grain process is a 3d sublimation process, using pressure and heat combined.  The decorative patterns of faux wood powder coating are transferred into powder coated surfaces that have been completely cured.

Visualize a photograph of a piece of natural grain that is placed on a transfer material. To create the effect of faux wood powder coating, a coat of powder is applied to a metal substrate and semi-baked. Once it has cooled, the custom wood grain transfer is applied and vacuumed to remove air trapped between the powder and the transfer.  Lastly, a final bake of the combined system is performed to facilitate the perfect decorative coating fuse. Next, dye on the transfer then volatilizes, forming the grain as a substantial portion of the powder film and a custom finish coating results.



Advantages of Wood Grain Powder Coating:

1.) Powder coating is eco-friendly, saving on waste and avoiding harsh pollutants

2.) It is durable (no wood rotting) and protects from humidity and UV rays

3.) wood grain finishes are easily and efficiently reproduced

4.) Our exclusive wood finish powder coating machine is technologically advanced and yield low maintenance costs

5.) Wood finish powder coating enhances the look, and adds value to, your products

6.) Our process can be applied to nearly any shape or form


Most common uses for Decoral Systems unique decorative coating:

1.) Windows (extrusion)

2.) Doors and Garage Doors

3.) Decorative Ceiling Tiles

4.) Store Fixtures – Shelves, Displays, Countertops, etc.

5.) Awnings

6.) Benches, Tables, Chairs, etc.

7.) Decorative Decks and Railings (extrusion)

8.) Appliances, Kitchen Cabinets and Tops, Refrigerators, Barbecue Grills, Clocks, etc.

9.) Sunrooms and Enclosures


The above applications can be decorated in any color or design. Our faux wood powder coating effects easily enhance the appearance of your product, be it garage doors or outside furniture.  Powder coating creates superior, affordable products with custom finish coating designs.

See the applications

Apply this technology on aluminum urban furniture, public spaces, transport claddings, worktops, tabletops, handrails and wherever protection is strongly required.


See the applications

Apply this technology on aluminum urban furniture, public spaces, transport claddings, worktops, tabletops, handrails and wherever protection is strongly required.

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