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Custom finish coating is a specialty of Decoral Systems.

timber look powder coated aluminium
timber look powder coated aluminium


The powder coating wood grain process is a sublimation process, that applies a combination of heat and vacuum pressure. The decorative patterns of faux wood grain are transferred into the powder coated surfaces that have been previously cured.


1.Powder coating is eco-friendly, saving on waste and avoiding harsh pollutants.
2. Is extremely durable (no wood rotting), protects from humidity and UV rays.
3. Wood designs are easily and efficiently reproduced.
4. Our exclusive technologically advanced sublimation machine has low maintenance costs.
5. Wood grain decorative powder coating enhances the look, and adds value to, your products.
6. Our process can be applied to nearly any shape or form.


1. Windows (extrusion)
2. Doors and Garage Doors
3. Decorative Ceiling Tiles
4. Store Fixtures – Shelves, Displays, Countertops,etc.
5. Awnings
6. Benches, Tables, Chairs, etc.
7. Decorative Decks and Railings (extrusion)
8. Appliances, Kitchen Cabinets and Tops, Refrigerators, Barbecue Grills, Clocks, etc.
9. Sunrooms and Enclosures

Wood Grain Powder Coating

Wood grain powder coating is a sublimation process that uses a dry, powder-based coating to imitate a wood-like appearance on various surfaces. It is commonly used for various applications, from furniture to home decor.

Uses of Wood Grain Powder Coating

You can use wood grain powder coating for a diverse range of applications, including:

  • Furniture: Wood grain powder coating is perfect for furniture like chairs, tables, and stools. It can mimic genuine wood's intricate patterns and textures, creating an aesthetically pleasing finish.
  • Home decor: Wood grain powder can be used for home decor items, like light fixtures, mirrors, and picture frames. It can elevate their appearance and add a touch of warmth and beauty to any space.
  • Exterior applications: Since it can protect items from the elements, wood grain powder is perfect for exterior applications, such as fences, decks, and railings.
  • Cabinetry: Wood grain powder coating can also be used on interior appliances. If your wooden cabinets and countertops start losing their sheen, it can improve their appearance.
  • Displays: Wood grain powder coating is great for retail displays and signs since it can elevate their look, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere.
  • Vehicle interiors: Automotive manufacturers usually apply wood grain powder coating to interior car components like the dashboard, center console, and trim. This gives car interiors their luxurious appearance while offering high resistance to the elements.
  • Trade show exhibits: Businesses often use wood grain powder coating for trade show exhibits and booths, giving them a professional yet natural appearance that draws attention.

Advantages of Wood Grain Powder Coating


Wood grain powder coating is an innovative process that harnesses the eye-catching beauty of wood and blends it with the resilience of powder coating. Here are some of the advantages of wood grain powder coating:


With wood grain powder coating, you can capture the essence of wood without compromising on its lifespan. The powder coating process creates a protective layer that protects the wood from UV rays, moisture, chemicals, and everyday wear. So, you can bid farewell to the challenges of maintaining natural wood and enjoy its beauty.

Genuine Wood-Like Appearance

Wood grain powder coating replicates the intricate patterns and textures of various types of wood, creating a remarkably realistic finish indistinguishable from natural wood. This quality makes it perfect for applications where you want to achieve a wood-like appearance with little fuss.


Wood grain powder coating boasts a variety of applications. From architectural elements like doors, window frames, and railings to furniture like stools, tables, and chairs, wood grain powder coating has almost no bounds. Whether you want to elevate your indoor or outdoor spaces, you can rely on it for various applications.


Have a unique idea you want to bring to life? With wood grain powder coating, you can choose from a variety of hues, species, and wood types to achieve your desired look. Whether you want a classic, rustic, or contemporary style, wood grain powder coating allows you to personalize your space to reflect your design preferences.

Spruce Up Your Spaces With Wood Grain Powder Coating

Ready to combine the allure of wood with powder coating's remarkable properties? Then contact us today to learn more about our cutting-edge wood grain powder coating process and the benefits of wood grain powder coating.

Regardless of your design preferences, we'll provide you with various finishing options to help you determine the right one for your needs.


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